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Brotherhood of Steel: Steel Rangers

Mission Statement

Greetings people of Appalachia, have you been looking for Roleplay in Post-War Appalachia? Do you wish to take part of immersive, cohesive, lore-friendly story-driven adventures where your actions matter? If your answer is 'yes' then the Brotherhood of Steel - Steel Rangers may be for you!

Who are we and what is our purpose:

Our stories/adventures are told via in-game chat while in character - with Discord in use as an out of character/important topics and discussions HUB for all members.

We have our own Codex (Credit for the help/inspiration/support is at the top 'Highly honorable mentions' note within the Codex) and are always looking to expand upon it - which you can find here:….

(Please be aware that this Brotherhood of Steel group isn't for everyone, we are a roleplay focused group - so keep in mind you may see things in the Codex you may not like. For those who're still interested/serious about joining up please continue reading.)

We are roleplaying as a group of Vault 76 survivors who've picked up the banner of the Brotherhood of Steel and are determined to uphold the ideas that they held on to. 

Our group is mostly made up of those with MMORPG/Tabletop RPG experience - we are looking for more like-minded individuals who'll be a welcome addition to our chapter/fill out our ranks to take part in our story. We are also friendly to people who're new to this outlook and willing to help you learn.

We follow the ideology set forth by the West Coast Brotherhood of Steel when they formed after the Great War.

What you need to know before joining:

- We have strict uniform, backstory and gameplay limitation factors in place with the intent to stay as close to the look and feel of the Brotherhood as possible.

(With the return of the Brotherhood of Steel to Appalachia we have started to change our mindset/way we operate: Examples being: Ranks, improvements on procedures and began slowly changing up our Codex - more changes to come as we continue to help out the First Expeditionary Force.)

 **This is not a group for everyone** [Example of gameplay limitation factors: No Mutations] but it is a great home for those who're looking for this play-style, a place they feel comfortable being with.

- We are following the original tenets of the Brotherhood - we aim to safeguard civilization from a second apocalyptic event. 

In other words we seek to help the community and repair the Brotherhood's tarnished image as best we can.

Who are we looking for:

- Age to join up is 17+. 
However regardless of age maturity is a must.

- A communications device [Mic] is required due to us being a Roleplay focused group, so communication/teamwork is key.

- Recruits who're interested in a immersive experience [Act in character, be creative]/willing to help out your fellow Wastelanders.

TL;dr?: we have:

- Immersive RP/Squad based tactics

- Dedicated Command Staff

- Weekly RP events (Every Sunday)

- Daily Ops assistance

- Mentoring

- A refined ranking structure (Shortened variation of the Lost Hills hierarchy)

- Dedicated detachment materials (All together this detachment has well over 100k materials for ammo/medical supplies etc)

- Semi-Serious

- 17+ (With exceptions - please be mature)

- Hopefuls/Initiates who're interested about being part of an immersive group.


So what do you say? Are you interested in inspiring Appalachia's hope for the future, hope for a better tomorrow? If so than give us your answers below!

Ad Victoriam, Appalachia!