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Brave Little Teostras

Mission Statement

Come and chill with a laid back, sociable group of gamers who are looking to recruit more players and build more friendships!

About us:

We have squads for both PS4 and PC, with players of various levels and skills who are always down to group up and help each other out whenever we’re available. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a filthy casual or a try-hard as long as you’re looking for some good times with great people! We’re mostly based in North America, but we have some players in Asia and the UK.


Games that we are currently active and recruiting in:


  • Monster Hunter: World

⠀⠀PSN Community and Steam Group available

  • Final Fantasy XIV (Coeurl server)

⠀⠀Free Company available

  • The Division 2

⠀⠀PS4 and PC clans available


We have also been playing Apex Legends and Path of Exile. Our Division 2 clans for both PC & PS4 are still in its infancy stage, but we're looking for more people to play with to help naturally level our clan along with us for those sweet perks. If you're interested, just search for, "Teostras" and join up. We have it set to public recruitment so please feel free to join up and say hi!

Please Note:

We use Discord as our primary means to communicate - both voice chat and text; unless you’re a PS4 player, we use party for voice chat.



In order to join, you must be at least 18 years old and be respectful to everyone.


Discord Link:


What we offer:

  • Competitive and fun players
  • Squads/clans for multiple games
  • Active discussions of builds and strategy
  • Prize events for MHW (Just starting)
  • Good conversations
  • A safe space by our standards (Just don’t be a prick or you’ll get booted)