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BoK Fortnite Clan

Mission Statement

Team BoK
At Team BoK we focus on three main esport related games, ( Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League ) all of which we aim to achieve high in esporting events and become more widely known in the gaming community.  We recruit players based mainly on their skill and composure under high pressure situations.  On team BoK we aim to create a comfortable and non toxic atmosphere where players can find and play with other clan members who are at a similar skill level or play similar hours.  If you join as a player for any game we do ask for clips and highlights from your games for the clan youtube to help us grow as a successful esports clan.  We offer a friendly environment, custom matches (Fortnite), othere competitive and serious players, publicity and promotion on the clan youtube etc...
We expect from you as a player to get clips, handle yourself well in tilting situations, not to mock other players, give feedback and advice to other players, give feedback on the clan, try your hardest in competitive events and respect the admins decisions - they are final.
All earnings that you win will be 100% yours(No Catches).You also do not have to change your name to e.g. BoK ...