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Blxde clan

Mission Statement

Blxde clan is a non-toxic community where we hope to one day become as big as FaZe. We are aspiring content creators and players with hopes of becoming big one day. We offer many ways to improve, a friendly environment, a personal editor, custom phone backgrounds, music, and promotion of YT videos or any things related to it. We do clan wars, zone wars (among ourselves), and are working towards scrims. Our sponsor is Rogue Energy: Use code TEAMBLXDE10 for ten percent off





3rd Apr 2020 - 9:05pm

Hi I'm an Fortnite Player I play fortnite since season 2 I want To join the clan If you want to see my play Go to my youtube channel 

Link :

To talk with me go to my twitter : @iQmbr


27th Mar 2020 - 9:58pm

Hi I'm a 15 year-old gamer. I play fortnite. My username is Virus Clapz.