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The Blue Rams

Mission Statement

Hi eveyone! The Blue Ram is a new clan created by me and AnnaxGaming towards the end of march 2020.


If you want to join our community we're happy to welcome you in.

The age requirement is 13 years of age, but exceptions can be made (just message, comment or join and ask in discord if you're close enough to the age of 13).

Just press the join button above if you want to join the clan. Once you've joined the discord you are officially a member of the clan. Welcome to the team!


History and why we started it:

We have earlier been in a clan (name not mentioned) where it didn't go very well cause some higherups acted out of power and the clan just became hard to enjoy anymore.

After we left there we planned on making our own clan where everyone is accepted and people can feel that their own unique personalities are welcome and where they can be open with everyone. We want everyone to have a place where they can feel at home, get new friends to play with and just enjoy life in the whole.



We're also aiming to build up pro teams so that everyone that wants to play competitive can do so. We want to, in the future, play real competitions on mlg and/or esl and build our clan to be a real wonderful community for everyone to join.

So far the games for competitive are rainbow six siege, fortnite and modern warfare. But we're open for suggestions and can add more games on this list if wanted by you all.



Clan Upvotes

Games Played