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The Blue Brotherhood

Mission Statement

You're not just another number in our clan you’re a brother. We are active players on every console so you can switch between platforms and still play with the clan just have to join the other console's official clan. 

We are open to all, we strive to be a diverse group of individuals and a strong group of brothers. It doesn't matter if you're a hardcore player or a casual. We cater to all our brother's needs. All ages, All genders, All races, all sexualities you can join in on an environment where you won't be judged where you can just sit down and play destiny with other people that we hope you will all accept as brothers. 

We sherpa raids and trials multiple times every week and teach and help everyone and we always finish we never dog the brothers. Our Aim is to get every single player through all the content destiny 2 has to offer.

A discord channel is available to hang out with the entire clan and set up organized games using the100 app.


Xbox Clan: 

PS4 Clan:

PC Clan:






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