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Battle Buddy Company

Mission Statement

The aim is to create a community where:

1. We're all friends and anyone is welcome to join.

2. We play games with a tactical aproach (especially BFV and BO4).

3. The banter will be both lively and joyfull, I want people to truly have fun together.

4. There will be rules in order to keep it a fun, casual and toxic free environment.

5. There will be no hierarchy's or different kinds of memberships besides a select people to help me run the community.



1. Mature and 18+ (can make exceptions, but only for those who truly fit in regardless of age).

2. English speaking and have a mic ofcourse.

3. Live in EU unless your internet is so god like you can play on EU servers regardless of where you live.

4. There will be no minimum activity or any rules of the sorts, you come on and off whenever you want and as long as you don't go fully inactive for months, you'll be fine.


To join:

 preferably apply through but you can also add me on discord at: swantrix#0442