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Barzakh - Bear Force One

Mission Statement

Barzakh - Bear Force One

Region: NA | Server: Barzakh (NA West) | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Recruiting: Yes

Hello Everyone!

We're everyone's favorite Bear Force One! A very inclusive group of friends who have connected throughout a multitude of different games and have decided to band together to take on whatever challenges we may face in Aeternum. We have a varying group between some hardcore players and casuals. We plan to become a heavy hitting company in Aeternum that will dominate a couple settlements throughout the world and complete every PvX challenge the game has to offer.

We played on Barzakh during the Beta and plan on playing on Barzakh during the full launch, however this is up to change. We will however, remain on the west coast servers.

Leadership opportunities will become available depending on individuals interest and involvement within the company. If you wish to apply for a Leadership position, please let me know

About us:

  • Region: West Coast, if that wasn't already clear.

  • Faction Syndicate

  • PvX focused 

  • Current Roaster Size, around 30-40ish

What you can expect

  • A fun atmosphere

  • Heavy group activities 

  • Relaxed leadership

  • No drama


  1. Don't be a Dick

  • Refer to rule 1

  • 3. Join Discord

  • 4. We're here to have fun and shit on greens and yellows

Here is a link to our company discord. Once you are in will need to wait to be assigned a role before having access to all the content.discord -