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Bane Of The Immoral

Mission Statement

[PS4]: [BANE] Bane Of The Immoral - "Leaders Among Leaders" (est. Sept. 16th, 2012)


[R]espect. [E]ncourage. [S]upport.

[ATTENTION]: We contribute as one, we achieve as one. If you're expecting a "free ride" or to be swayed with community prize money, then step off. Baners are earners; we benefit our members first, we give more than we take, and we work hard to secure our goals as a whole.

We are and support:

▪︎ Internationally based

▪︎ Multi-gaming community

▪︎ Mid-core based (Casual-competitive)

▪︎ Equal opportunity

▪︎ Quality over quantity enforced

▪︎ Facebook and Discord associated

▪︎ Active, friendly, social, and inclusive

▪︎ "Save the drama for your lama!" - Zero Tolerance Policy for R&R breaches

"We pride ourselves on differentiating our gaming community from the rest by providing an atmosphere that instills wholesomeness; our core will always uphold a structure, shape, form, and influence that places each member at the heart of our purpose, cause, and reason. This is our functionality: to serve our members with the most unforgettable experiences all-round. Versatility and innovation is here, welcome to our brotherhood where your needs and expectations come first."



▪︎ 18+ Age Requirement

▪︎ Headset preferred, not required

▪︎ Must adhere to and uphold BANE Core Values at all given times

▪︎ No core member account activity requirements

▪︎ No core member multi-clanning on any BANE associated video game titles

▪︎ Potential applicants must register on the [BANE] Discord server prior to securing an official membership status



For all membership inquiries and questions, please contact: @PSN - KHELSON-WOLFE



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