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Bad Rattle

Mission Statement

Bad Rattle is an adult clan (21+) focused on endgame content. All platforms and time zones are welcome; however, our peak hours are 4pm to 2am CST. If there is a challenge, we will get it done. During Season of the Splicer, we completed the Fatebreaker title and Flawless Vault of Glass, and we helped our community get hundreds of Timelost weapons.


We are a hybrid of a single clan of 100 with a larger Discord Community. Unlike the massive Clans, we aren't interested in having multiple sub-clans. You can feel lost in a sea of people, and forming ongoing fireteam synergy is difficult. Some of us came from those huge clans. We want to actually get to know all of our members. We have dozens of players from those larger clans who come to our Master VoG raids to get their challenges done. Likewise, small clans can run into issues with not having enough online to do anything.


Stay in your clan. Be a lone wolf. Or apply to join us. Regardless of what you are after, our Discord is a great place to be if you are an Endgame raider looking for more like-minded guardians. We love adding more 1345+ raiders to our community. Knowledge of the current raids and their mechanics is expected.


Bad Rattle hosts 25+ scheduled raids each week, and non-clan members can join most raids. Want do knock out all of the raid Triumphs and Challenges for the titles? Want to collect all Timelost weapons from Master VoG? We do all that and more.


We cleared Master Vault of Glass in week 3 of this season, and almost all scheduled raids have triumphs and challenges attached on rotation so members can complete each raid seal and get the accompanying titles and shaders. We are also prepping multiple Day One raid teams.


We have dozens who have gone Flawless in Trials this season, and loads more who love Iron Banner, Survival for Glory, and all other forms of PVP. We even have members who were dedicated enough to complete the entirety of Vault of Glass, Garden of Salvation, and Last Wish with a fireteam of only 3.


We play hard, but we also keep things chill. Take 2 parts Rambo, mix with 1 part Bill and Ted, add some aliens, and shake vigorously.


We are a very social clan. During peak hours, groups are always forming in Discord, and it is not unusual for people to just hang out in channels to talk. We grow to know each other by voice, and we try to help out everyone who continues to show up as much as we can. Being active in Discord voice chat yields the best results.


We have monthly contests with prizes such as SSDs, keyboards, Steam Gift Cards, etc. We also have clan merch such as shirts, hoodies, mouse pads, and more.


Bad Rattle is accepting applications from active 1345+ raiders who want to complete the triumphs and challenges for all current raids, including all Master VoG challenges, and Day One raiding. While our clan stays close to or at capacity, all Endgame ready raiders are welcome to join our growing Discord community.


After you join Discord, please read #server-info and react in #roles. Until you do this, most Discord channels are hidden. If you have any questions, please reach out to Skooma#0132 in Discord.









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