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Bad Rattle

Mission Statement

Bad Rattle was born from a group of 30 somethings who are focused on endgame content. If there is a challenge, we will get it done. Our weekly focus is the current challenge in Master Vault of Glass, Grand Master Nightfall farm, Trials, and doing all older raids and triumphs for fun.

Daily Raid sign-ups are posted in Discord, and the start times vary to allow for players with different schedules to attend. Positivity is expected. We can teach strategy, not personality.

This is an adult clan. If you want to do the most challenging PVE content while complaining about back pain and taxes, this could be a good fit. Members should be able to take constructive feedback and understand loadout, stat priority, and mod synergy for endgame.

While we play hard, we also keep things chill. Take 2 parts Rambo, mix with 1 part Bill and Ted, add some aliens, and shake vigorously. If you are interested in joining, we will get you in on a run to make sure personalities and play-styles match.