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The Asylum

Mission Statement

Some clans claim they have the best players, the best competitive team, the most skilled shooters and elite members? Well, we are not that clan; but if you're looking for a group of laid back, 18+ guys and gals, the type who like pizza, beer and a good laugh well then you came to the right place! A microphone and positive attitude are required.

The Asylum is comprised of over 100 the most exceptional, fun-loving, and good humored individuals you will likely ever meet. We play pretty much anything and everything under the sun on XBOX and PC. We are simply looking for like-minded people to increase our community size. We have no rules placing restrictions or expectations on our members, we all have obligations and responsibilities outside of gaming. All we expect is a reasonable level of maturity from everyone. So smash that discord button and come say Hi!!



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ASY Spytock

13th Nov 2020 - 12:23pm

This is the best community I have been a part of. Joined 2 years ago  even though I wasn't sure about joining a gaming clan. These guys instantly made me feel at my place, the leadership is dedicated and always available.