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Aloha Snackk Bar on PS4 | Admin Recruitment

Mission Statement


I'll keep it as short as possible, we have around 20 active members and we've been running for well over 3 years. We're a Fam, there are loads of friendly folks and all have a really good sense of humor, loads of laughs, and jokes in the clan. 


What I'm looking for -

1. Any LEVEL of Raiders, as long as you stay, willing to learn, put in the time and effort in. We do not kick people who are noobs, we are willing to teach anyone.

2. People want to stay for the long run - Ideally you'll have all the DLCs, Beyond Light, Witch Queen, Lightfall and all the Seasons. 

3. People will to help others, helping them grind their light, showing initiave i.e. scheduling activities like Dungeons, Raids etc. 


My clan is mostly from the East Coast (New York etc), I have a few players from Central US and a small number from the UK/EU and Australia.

ONLY JOIN if you are ok with this time difference, most clan members get on around 12 pm UK time | 6 pm EST.

I am looking to constantly run things, I would prefer if you could get on around 7 pm UK or 2 pm EST.

IF you want to know more please read -
Discord is a Must (Join us @, We organize Events i.e. Raids and communicate. We expect you to communicate and game with other fellow clan members through this.

Clan Feedback is also Welcome.


1. Join our Discord and hang out with us:
2. Be ACTIVE in Game & on Discord.
3. MUST interact with all Members
4. Be cool and don't throw tantrums/rage quit (more below)
5. Headset Required.

IF you are not on Discord while Gaming you will be kicked after a week of inactivity.


1. Someone with a chill, friendly personality and that also has a sense of humor, We have so much sexual tension so expect a lot of NSFW and you get to choose your own C*OCK name!

2. Someone who gets along well with others, regardless of how experienced or how new they are to the game; we welcome one and all

3. Someone who is patient, kind, and understanding. We all have our pros and cons. No one is perfect when it comes down to finishing something like the raids. If someone isn’t getting it just yet, give them time (We've personally sat there for hours teaching people who really put the effort. We don't like Rage Quitters.

4. No Leechers! Don't expect to join the clan for Engrams and you just Solo everything This is a Clan, there's Team-Work & Bonding involved. It's Fun to play as a Team especially Gambit!