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Aloha Snackk Bar - Playstation Clan

Mission Statement

Alright so when I started this clan recruitment on I was trying to revive a dead clan, now the clan seems to be alive and kicking :)  However, I am looking for specific members to fill in gaps where some of my clan members are still having to solo it because nobody is on during their time.  

I'm looking for chilled out friendly fun people who are active during/after:

8 pm East Coast | 7 pm Central Time till 6 am East Coast | 5 am Central Time.

UK time from 12 pm till 12 am. 


You do not have to be active during these 12 hours but will help a few guys who are on during that time.

Right now I've got like 40 active members daily/weekly, a few from UK/EU and the majority from East Coast.


I'll keep it TL;DR up here and you can read more below on what kind of guys we are looking for. 

[b]We run everything Destiny Related. We have weekly Raids scheduled including starting D1 Raid this weekend. [/b]

- PVP (Comp, Quickplay, Mayhem & Trials if it ever comes back)*.
- PVE (Missions, Flashpoints, Strikes & Nightfall)
- Raids
- Gambit

1. Join our Discord and hang out with us:
2. Be ACTIVE in Game & on Discord. If you are not active on Discord when you play, you will be removed. 1 Week grace period. 
3. Play with us sometimes
4. Be cool and don't throw tantrums/rage quit (more below)
5. Headset Required. 



Play and talk about everything Destiny related or not. 
Favor constant communication through Discord, Laughs, and of course...playing Destiny!
We also have a Psychiatrist Lounge lol (No other clan has that, Guaranteed!) - We consider this clan like a second family. We REALLY care about one another and if you put the effort in getting to know us or put yourself out there then you'll feel just like home, don't bother joining if you don't. Everyone can Solo but it's fun to join and group up sometimes.   

Someone with a chill, friendly personality and that also has a sense of humor.  Someone who gets along well with others, regardless of how experienced or how new they are to the game; we welcome one and all
Someone who is patient, kind, and understanding.  We all have our pros and cons.  No one is perfect when it comes down to finishing something like the raids. If someone isn’t getting it just yet, give them time and don’t just quit. Don't like Rage Quitters.