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Alet's Palace

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Alet's Palace


Alet's Palace is inviting all who want to be a part of a fun gaming community. We have members who play all sorts of games. If you want you can queue up with our people to play casual or competitive gameplay. The people who stream can have a huge place here by interacting with other streamers. We support our members who stream as long as they support each other! We welcome all so come join and enjoy!
Please be aware you will not be kicked for inactivity! 


  • Respect Everyone
  • Use Correct Chats


  • Discord
  • Gaming PlatformAleTniq





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23rd Apr 2020 - 11:48am

hi im 13 and I want to join this clan, I play this game a lot and is starting to gain a higher level in fortnite. I play on ps4


2nd Apr 2020 - 10:10pm

Im 18 Years old, I play PC everyday and have been playing for 5 years now. Im looking to play comp for a few games and would to like to tryout for the clan. I Play Fortnite, Call of Duty, overwatch, rainbow, and league of legends. Im very active and i also stream everyday. looking to speak to someone to get some further info. Thanks 


1st Apr 2020 - 4:36am

Hi, i am 13 and looking for a gaming clan. I cant always be on(only can for now on weekends) because i only have a console at my dads.  I think that i am pretty ok at fortnite. I mainly play fortnite. I stream minecraft and fortnite on xbox when i can. So can i please join?


23rd Feb 2020 - 7:00pm



hello I am a 13 year old kid looking for a competitive gaming team for fortnite, I’ve tried out for many various teams, but can’t make it, I wanna try this one cause it is my last hope, or maybe not


21st Feb 2020 - 7:49pm

Hi, I'm fourteen and I would really like to join this clan. From what I read I would love to be a casual Bo4, pc player here. I also wonder if this clan is still active, being the last comment was in 2019. Either way, I'm hoping I can join this community and become a member. Please get back to me on how I can get enter if I get accepted. Thanks!

Swim Buddy24

11th Jun 2019 - 8:53am

Hello, this is Swim Buddy24. If you are in the LyNx House, you May know me as I play with LyNx Spark Very often. As you May know, I’m 12 years of age, and would like to see if that is ok. If it is ok, I would like to join Non-Competitively and play casually. As I may play competitively in the future, I would like to stay casual for now so that I can train and work on my skills. I am very exited to be filling out this application for your clan. I have one question... Do I have to pay for my name change? If so that is 100% A.O.K. I cannot wait to hear back from you guys, and really hope you accept me in.


9th May 2019 - 10:20pm

Hi I’m looking to join a clan (obviously), a few things 1: I’m British so no idea if that’s a problem 2) I’m looking for both competitive and casual gameplay in different games(to be spoken about another time I don’t really want to list all my games) 3: I stream on mixer currently but I’m not popular. So yeah that’s it really and also I mainly play rainbow six siege but I own other games and am open to new ones for the Xbox. Hope to get a response  


17th Apr 2019 - 5:42pm

Hey i would like to join your clan I am a good player at Rainbow Six Siege and i was wondering how to join. What is the link?


15th Apr 2019 - 3:33am

Hi I am a 15 year old that would love to join this team I can play Apex Legends, COD Black Ops 4, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and GTA Online on Xbox One and would love to stream on my Xbox for now and upgrade later. I would love to join this clan but don't see a link or anything so how do I join this clan?


24th Mar 2019 - 6:49pm

i am turning 15 in a week can i still join and how can i join i play pc



24th Mar 2019 - 12:36am

Hi I would like to join your clan to play call of duty black ops four and fortnite. I’m decent at both games but I want to start streaming and I think that joining your clan will really help me do that. Thanks hope to be accepted and can’t wait to get down with you and play some games


2nd Oct 2018 - 7:07am

Fortnite BR player one XB1. Been playing since start of Season2. Love the game. Played scrims and small tournaments. Would be down to join. Xbox gt: CerealElf666


15th Aug 2018 - 8:21am

Hello I am very interested in joining the clan. Any directions on how to or where to apply?