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AgrO Esports/Pro Organization

Mission Statement

Welcome to AgrO, we are a professional gaming organization, we specialize in Fortnite and COD Black ops 4. We are a very competitive org and we are always looking for new recruits who could have potential on our pro COD and Fortnite teams.

We are looking for

  • Pro Players (There are 2 spots on the west pro team, 8 on the eu pro team, and 1 on the east)
  • Writers (People who can write articles once our website is finished, writers will be paid in the future)
  • Content Creators (No requirements as long as you are entertaining)
  • Designers (such as GFX artists, video editors, thumbnail creators, etc)


We're a group of developing gamers who esteem social cooperation regardless of anything else. Identity with character and respect is more imperative to us than toxic players. Our rationality is to appreciate the experience of gaming, regardless of whether you're winning or losing. AgrO is an open and assorted organization with individuals from everywhere throughout the world.


You may join by entering our Discord


Check out our website in progress!