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AfterLyfe MadMen

Mission Statement

Welcome to  AfterLyfe MadMen! MadMen is the PC Clan of The  AfterLyfe Gaming ORG, 

Here is a list of fun and exciting things we offer!

  • Giveaway's
  • In house Events & tournament's 
  • Stream Team
  • Affiliate program for top tier Influencer's  and Streamers
  • Stream Raid's
  • And Much More!
  • Workshops
  • Gamenights      

With the launch of our new system we now have over 30 ranks each of which can be obtained by ranking up on your own accord, providing you with a Member handbook so all questions and need to know information is at the ready for our members

We are a 14+ community, With Activities designed for all styles and ages! With Easy to follow steps on ranking up within the clan and the ability to advance into the BoR "Board Of Reapers within The AfterLyfe Gaming ORG 





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