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Mission Statement

We’re a clan of mature gamers who value a strong, friendly and welcoming community above all else. Everyone within Aevum is family and should be treated as such. Our philosophy is to enjoy the experience of gaming, whether you're winning or losing. Aevum is an open and diverse clan with members from all over the world (Mostly within North America). At Aevum, we are currently only offering casual gaming options, but are in the process of developing competitive options with select games.

Aevum is an organized clan with staff ranks throughout and we are in the process of building a strong and solid foundation! We are actively looking for loyal, dedicated individuals to take on leadership roles within Aevum to help build our exploding player base! Whether you are a new gamer, casual long time gamer or a serious competitive player, you're 100% valued in whatever position you hold as at the end of the day we truly believe that you are what makes Aevum...Aevum.

What does Aevum mean? Time, eternity, lifetime or generation in Latin.
We are Aevum
We will last for a lifetime;
We are a generation of gamers

- You must be at least 16 years old to join us. 
- Members of Aevum are considered to be part of a family, with each one of us being dedicated and loyal to only Aevum. Do not apply to join if you're in other clans/communities or if you like to hop between clans.
- You're required to have a working microphone.
- Respect everybody. We value banter but don't take it too far. We're people too...
- No spamming


Our D2 PS4 Clan: AevumV1
Our D2 PC Clan: AevumV2
Our WoW Guild is located on Durotan/Ysera and is Alliance Faction based: Aevum
Our League of Legends Team is NA based and is entering competitive tournaments
Our Minecraft Aevum Server: - Now Open to the public! Join and have some fun with us!

For the rest, please make sure to join our Discord!

Follow us on Twitter:


Like our Page on Facebook:
Aevum eSports

See you in there!



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Games Played



9th Mar 2019 - 12:45am

27 year old gamer looking for a group to play with. Mostly play at nights due to my work schedule. Cod, overwatch, apex, fortnite, and destiny 2 are my main games. 


21st Feb 2019 - 8:45pm

Anthem Player. Already have my storm and colossus up to Epic tier. Looking for some folks to play with. Game name is same as username here.


21st Feb 2019 - 5:16pm


I started playing Anthem on PC and I'm looking for some fun people to play with. Is there a few people in Aevum that play it on PC. I know the official launch is tonight.


14th Mar 2019 - 4:30pm

Hi Jetfuel,

I apologize if this was a late reply, but actually Anthem and APEX have really taken off for the group within Aevum and we are supporting both platforms at the moment.

Hope to see you in our Discord!



13th Feb 2019 - 2:20pm

Hey guys my name is sin36250 and I play on the PS4. I'm looking for a clan to play everything from D2 to APEX Legends with. I'm a 28 year old guy who works nights and lives in the central U.S. 


12th Feb 2019 - 8:52pm

Hey all, Rick here going by Aguaviva on League of Legends or Apex Legends. 34 yr old guy just looking for like minded individuals who can game during the evening. Hope to see you all on the rift! I have been playing for awhile now and used to play Halo 2 competitively(I'm old).

Our group on League (Boing) is a group of mature gamers who have been gaming together for at least 10 years now and are just starting to do in house games, would love to have more people to game with.

Apex legends I'm new on, and have only won once but I enjoyed it and it would be nice to be in comms with others too. This looks cool and hope to meet some awesome peeps on here.




6th Feb 2019 - 3:51am

Hello my username is SuperSpartin I play PC on a bunch of random games. I’m a 30 year old disabled veteran without the use of my hands, I still play at a decent level looking for a clan to join because I have a lot of time on my hands. I’d like to join y’all please.


5th Feb 2019 - 4:20pm

Hi there, my name is Charlie and on steam I go by Vyxnamix. I’ve been playing rocket league for years and have been very interested in furthering my skills to get to the next level. The next level being highly competitive play. I searched for clans looking to see what type of atmosphere I could find and when I saw Aevum, It reminded me of my clan from Everquest 2. A family clan, vocal and set to last for a long time. I’m 18 years old and I do have a discord, which is also Vyxnamix. Please let me know if I’d be a worthy candidate to join the family!


25th Jan 2019 - 10:06pm

Hey guys, I am looking for a fun clan that is active. I've played pretty much every major game ever, and even though I'm an adult now with a family and job I play most weeknights and weekends. I'm into all of the content and like to spend hours on end hanging out and crushing some D2. Please send invite to Whiteness12 on ps4. 


13th Jan 2019 - 6:03pm

Greetings Everyone 

A little about me I'm 29 and married I'm looking for a clan to play fallout 76 and red dead redemption 2 with.  I saw your clan profile and it sounds like a cool clan to be in.

I have a mic and I play mostly early morning and late night and weekends because of my work schedule.

My PS4 Tag is deathspartan.

If you have any questions about me or need to know anything else just let me know.



12th Feb 2019 - 8:48pm

Hey all, Rick here going by Aguaviva on League of Legends or Apex Legends. 34 yr old guy just looking for like minded individuals who can game during the evening. Hope to see you all on the rift!


11th Jan 2019 - 7:04pm

Hey, how's it goin'. My name's Keo, I go by "Fauxkiss4me" on Destiny. I'm currently looking for a new clan, the one I'm in seems to be a ghost town. Me and another friend of mine are in the same situation - just different clans. After looking for a while on this site I think this one would be a good fit. Besides joining the discord, what else would you need from my application?


9th Jan 2019 - 7:38pm

Hey Guys,

My name is Tyler, PS4 tag is BigTy6886. I know your requirements say we can't currently be in another clan but myself and 3 close friends are the last active players in a clan we started at the beginning of D2 and are looking for a clan to take all 4 of us. The youngest of us is 24. We all have mics. We’re all active, one of us less so but we can't leave him behind. We are mostly all 650 but have very little experience with the D2 raids. We were very active with all the raids in D1 so I can confidently say we are capable, just currently inexperienced and this is why we are looking for a new clan, we'd like to start raiding again. One of us wants competent PvPers to do competitive with because if we're being honest when it comes to PvP, I'm inconsistent at best, incompetent at worst, and all though the other two are better than me...they're not awesome ha! 

Over all we enjoy and are experienced with everything and would always be willing to help others with anything we can. We enjoy all aspects of the game from chasing triumphs and titles to endgame content both PvE and PvP. If you guys are willing to take all four of us we would love to join your team.


17th Jan 2019 - 12:44am

hey BigTy,

We would love t have all of you guys come and join us. Ultimately experience doesn't matter with us and we welcome all mature gamers who are going to help grow and strengthen our community! All 4 of you are welcome if you guys are willing to leave your old clan and join Aevum.

Please join our discord

give us a try and go from there!




9th Jan 2019 - 7:24pm

Hey there.  I'm Bailey, 39 and am new to multiplayer gaming - not new to single player games.. I'm going to be playing Anthem at launch on PS4 and would like to join a squad of 3 others. The game looks so fun but don't want to play it solo and feel like I'd really be missing out if I just skipped the game (if I can't find a squad). 

I'm self employed so my schedule is completely open and can game any time. I have a mic also. About Discord, I've never used it and don't really know how to navigate and use it well (I've taken a look at it) so might need a bit of help there. 

So I'd love to join if there'll be people here playing Anthem on PS4, that will be dedicated and reliable. 

- Thank you

Edit: my PSN: SilentRain16

I'm in EST zone - Canada


7th Jan 2019 - 8:06pm


I want to join Aevum.
About me: I`m currently medical student. I`m married and I enjoy playing Destiny 2 during my time off to relax. It`s fun, but kinda lonely, so I`m looking to join a clan.
I can speak fluent english and I have a microphone.

My PSN-tag is: Legefrakk89

Hit me back!


9th Jan 2019 - 4:21pm

Hello Dr. Legefrakk!

Our largest and most active segment of Aevum is the Destiny 2 side (either PS4 or PC) and we are currently a full level 6 clan that does have a weekly raid night. Everyone games together and does PUGS for things like weeklies and those 10k NF runs.

If you are interested in joining Aevum, please stop by our discord and give it the good old college try! :)



5th Jan 2019 - 9:52am


Looking for a fun and friendly clan on destiny 2 ps4 😁.

Add me, Jambon_JS. 



9th Jan 2019 - 4:20pm

Aloha Jaombon!

Our largest and most active segment of Aevum is the Destiny 2 side (either PS4 or PC) and we are currently a full level 6 clan that does have a weekly raid night. Everyone games together and does PUGS for things like weeklies and those 10k NF runs.

If you are interested in joining Aevum, please stop by our discord and give it the good old college try! :)



2nd Jan 2019 - 8:33pm

Hi my name is KazumaShio and I'm looking for an active destiny 2 clan to do raids with or just game with people that have mics and can communicate. Currently part of a clan, but its mostly inactive, so im looking to leave it. I'm currently on PSN


9th Jan 2019 - 4:19pm

Hi Kazumashio,

Our largest and most active segment of Aevum is the Destiny 2 side (either PS4 or PC) and we are currently a full level 6 clan that does have a weekly raid night. Everyone games together and does PUGS for things like weeklies and those 10k NF runs.

If you are interested in joining Aevum, please stop by our discord and give it the good old college try! :)



31st Dec 2018 - 11:05pm

Hey, my PSN is silentDEM1SE. Looking for a BF5 clan as a casual gamer. Right now I play about 2 nights a week and depending on my job, those nights vary. Looking for a good group of people to play with and hang out till I can play more. Excited to play with a group of friends again! 


2nd Jan 2019 - 4:07pm

Hi Silent!

You have found the right place! Aevum really is all about an all inclusive culture that ultimately is for any type of gamer! The casual one, the midrange one and the competitive one and we offer options for each. So, if you are looking for a good group to get together and game with, by all means, jump onto our discord and we will sort you into the BF5 category.




24th Dec 2018 - 3:12am

hey my name is lee and my tag is noblame I am 25 in est and play on ps4 and really only play bo4 right now just looking for a group of people to play games with 


31st Dec 2018 - 9:05pm

Hi NoBlame,

We are all about gaming community and right now we don't have a specific clan set up as of yet, but we do have people regularly doing PUGS. Eventually Aevum will support it, but we just need the active user base first! :)

Pop by and come join us!




22nd Dec 2018 - 11:53pm

Heyo Aevum, was wondering if y'all were still bringin players in? Been lookin for a chill group/clan to be a part of lately and so far I'm lovin the way you guys hold your clan in a family manner. I do like the competitive side of gaming, but when it comes to casual gaming its more fun with a nice group of people. Thanks for the consideration!


17th Dec 2018 - 3:43pm

Hi im looking for a clan to play destiny 2 im new to destiny franchise but im well aware of fps games i play alot of different games casually and competitively for destiny 2 i have no friends to play with and i really  hoping that i can join this clan to play raid and getting the crucible reward to get some more loot that i cannot posses by playing solo but im not from US and my english is not that fluent and im not used to talking in english, my spelling is not good so ill try my best to adapt with u guys thanks.


11th Dec 2018 - 8:31pm

Hi guys!

I'm looking to join a clan that is preferably more involved with PVE, Strikes, Nightfall and Gambit,
My current clan focus solely on Crucible and while I don't mind that I do want to spend more time playing the PVE element.

A little about me....I'm 31, a long time gamer and manage a bar so tend to do a lot of shift work, although I can generally be found online when I have days off or get in from work, I've been playing Destiny 2 since launch but took a break shortly before Warmind came out but since then have been back pretty much Daily at least for a few hours to do PVE solo/matchmade and make sure I atleast earn a minimun fo a few thougand clan xp a day where possible. I'm a pretty chilled out laid back kind of guy who dosent mind taking first timers through PVE/Raids/Nightfall or grinding with veterans. Also happy to do the more boring tasks such as grind planetary consumables via public events/lost sectors etc.

Anyway that's me, hope to hear back from you guys soon, Thanks :)




5th Dec 2018 - 12:59am

I’m new to this site but not to gaming at all. I do not see Black Ops 4 on your list of games. Does that mean you guys do not play it? 


11th Dec 2018 - 10:51pm



Thank you for reaching out. We have tons of members who currently play BOPs4, however we do not have a leader at this time to accept the responsibility of running that specific clan. As a result we don't support it yet. We are actively looking for gamers who want to take on leadership roles and have proven their commitment to Aevum and once we get a leader we will support it.

Aevum has been growing at a breakneck pace since opening a little under a month ago and as a result we are still experiencing some growing pains.

Jump into the discord and see if we would be a fit. :)




5th Dec 2018 - 12:00am

Hey I'm Frei-man on PS4 looking for a clan and some help doing things that are hard solo. 


11th Dec 2018 - 10:49pm

Hi Peanut,


Sorry for the delay on this, but I was actually away on vacation. We would love to have you jump into our Discord and see if you are a fit. Our D2 PC and PS4 clans are our top performing clans and we are always looking for new members!

Join the discord and then we can get you into the clan:




1st Dec 2018 - 1:01am

Hey im a casual gamer looking for a community to find good people to play and just have fun with. This clan sounds like a good place to do just that. Red dead redemption 2 is what i have recently got into online with. Are there a decent amount of people here who have jumped into that already?


1st Dec 2018 - 9:02pm

Hello FlyingOstrich,

Yes we do fully support RDR2 Online, however we have chosen not to open a clan in the Beta, but rather prep for the actual launch and secure our leadership. In the mean time we have players actively playing on both PS4 and PC and if you are intersted in joining, please feel free to join our discord and check us out.

Hope to see you soon,