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Mission Statement

Hey yall! Aegis is a (relatively) small community focussed on being an inclusive and comfortable space for everyone. We have strict anti-discrimination rules, as well as a great admin team. Our current member count is just over 400, but our active member count is a fair bit lower (around 70 ish with maybe 30 regulars). As of writing this, we do Halo, Destiny 2 and Warframe. We have in-game clans set up for D2 and Warframe.

For D2, we have resource channels set up for all of the raids, as well as a couple of other things. We frequently run sherpa's (teaching runs) which is part of why our member count is so high compared to our active member count. 

For Warframe, we have some new-player resources, as well as a couple of experienced players ready to help. 

our rules are as follows:

  • #1: Please keep political and/or religious discussions out of this server.
  • #2: No NSFW material is allowed. Jokes and innuendos are allowed in voice chat (as there is no history), as long as you have a way to know minors are not present.
  • #3: Please be kind and respectful to each other, discrimination will not be tolerated against any group under any circumstance - racism, homophobia, transphobia, any sort of queerphobia, ableism, sexism & misogyny and any other form of discrimination. Casual depictions of violence that don't fall under rule 2 are also not ok. Clearly problematic jokes or bigoted remarks will be an instant perma ban.
  • #4: Do not witch hunt or doxx anyone.
  • #5: Please do not advertise without the approval of a staff member.
  • #6: Please use only English when talking to others in this server.
  • #7: Please use the correct pronouns for people! Not quite sure? Check their roles.
  • #8: DO NOT post any leaks. Or discuss the content of said leaks.
  • #9: Please contain any spoilers for in-game content in the spoilers channel. The spoilers channel is opt-in via roles.
  • #10: Please do not miss-use any of the pingable roles.
  • #11: Any activity LFG'd for in this server MUST be hosted or run in this server, this is to ensure a safe, inclusive and positive experience for everyone. Please do not pull players out of this server into other servers. You can use game VC, but all members must be in the server and abide by the server rules. (edited)
  • #12: If you would like to stream an activity taking place in the server, please specify so as you organise it, so people know beforehand. Please do not ask people about it as they join, they might feel pressured to say yes for various reasons. It is ok to make clips and recordings of the gameplay and share it within the server, sharing it anywhere else requires the permission of everyone in that clip.
  • #13: Do not violate the Bungie TOS, this includes but is not limited to: use of cheating software, network manipulation and abuse of exploits. In addition, do not share anything that breaks bungie TOS within this server (such as cheating software, network manipulation tools or explanations of how to abuse an exploit).


We hope to see you around!
-SDGDen, Owner of Aegis. 




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