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Mission Statement

We are Adept

A fortnite clan with average players, looking forwards to do tournaments and scrims i the future, We except console and PC, but the age requirements are 13+ but you can be 12 but have to be mature and proof that you're mature

We will soon have advanced things like merch, sponsors and more, we except suggestions from clan members and you will get tried out as soon as possible and you will be ranked on your gameplay witch will decide you clan role. We hope to see you in Adept.

We accept Europe Na East and Na West and we also have merch; phone cases, hoodies, T-shirts, Coffee mugs, blankets and everything needed in your day to day life, merch is not a requirement and it will not be given out for free if you ask that will lead into a warning.

We are also sponsored by Rogue Energy and Xidax,





13th Aug 2019 - 10:12pm

Im Shxdowz 14 years old good mic and im looking to join your clan. Pretty good at fortnite


27th Jul 2019 - 9:08pm

Hey, My Epic name is ProShawry, I'm 16 live in Wales and play keyboard on mouse, i want to challenge myself and i want to push my skill forward. Please give me a chance and yes, I'm a low ground warrior LOL