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AceClan.ORG Multi-Gaming

Mission Statement

AceClan.ORG was founded as a Multi-Gaming Military stylised Clan in March 2019 on the basis that everyone deserves a welcome and friendly atmosphere when they play games. We do not subject you to skill tests or tryouts, we're a very open and including multi-gaming clan so you'll never feel left out so long as you are willing to join us in voice chat or message to say you're up for playing a game or two!

There are virtually no prerequisites to joining AceClan so long as you are aged 13 or over and willing to get involved, we are an English speaking clan and if you fit the bill join us today! We operate a unique ranking structure designed to reward those who are committed and contributing toward the Clan, and this is to honour and respect you in the same way as you do to us.

There is plenty of opportunity to get involved, including:

  • Regiment Command - Be involved in managing a game for the clan, co-ordinating the path that we take to grow our presence within a game and ensuring the members of that regiment are kept happy and always feel welcome. Learn more on our Forum and Discord!
  • Admissions Team - Be the first line of contact from new applicants and help them feel welcome, working in tandem with other teams to ensure their permissions are set and they are introduced to the right people.
  • Technical Services - Support our website, forums, discord server and game servers on a technical level, ensuring they are kept up-to-date and configured for optimum performance!
  • Military Police - Help out with moderating or "policing" our services effectively against bad behaviour or unwelcome people. This includes the Forum, Discord and Game Servers.

The Central Command team consisting of two owners, CrazyShooter and Expression93 along with more people who are very trusted and capable bring combined more than 30 years of experience in administering and managing Clans and Communities across a multitude of games. We decided it was time to bring a tidal-wave of changes to the multi-gaming clan experience and hence AceClan.ORG was born!


We are growing globally across many games and with our own dedicated server hosted in the UK we are at the forefront of the ability to evolve into something truly special. For those worried about the security of their data even whilst playing games, the leadership bring their actual employment experience in for best security practices and data security.

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