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Academy Gaming

Mission Statement


At Academy Gaming, we’re all about bringing gamers together to play, learn, and have a blast. Our community is here to make sure everyone, no matter their skill level, feels welcome and gets a chance to level up their game. We’re more than just a place to play; we’re a family where respect and fun go hand in hand. Our goal? Simple. Create awesome gaming moments, help each other grow, and make sure everyone’s having a great time. Join us, and let's make some epic gaming memories together!



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2nd Place (Medium Clans)

For coming 2nd place in the monthly top medium clans vote.

6th Place (Top 10)

For coming 6th place in the monthly top clans vote.

5th Place (Medium Clans)

For coming 5th place in the monthly top medium clans vote.

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Games Played



12th Jun 2024 - 8:22am

Do you like to play games?  Practice mode in geometry dash lite lets you hone your skills on specific sections of a level, even if the full set of levels isn't available.


30th May 2024 - 12:11pm

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