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a7 Clan

Mission Statement

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Hello !

a7 clan looking for a MEMBERS:

Servers --> [EU] Monthly Official/Vanilla servers,10x for fun and fast pvp (Facepunch,Rustopia,Vital,Blueberry,RustySpoon)

 About us
 Chill experienced players with in-game knowledge
 No kids or squeakers

- EU,NA(For safety)
- At least 18yrs old
- Chill,active (3h per day atleast)
- Not sux in pvp
- 750+ hours (Exceptions)
- Microphone
- Always ready to farm
- Can use our clan tag

 Things to notice
- All gender are welcome
- We are playing EU servers.
- You will be tested on 10x server
- N0 EXCEPTIONS about your AGE
- All players need to farm for a base
- Working against the leader ==> Kick

  Apply with this topic down below

 EU or NA?
 How many hours per day can you be online for us?
 Your time right now and country?
 In-game hours?
 You can talk on discord?
 Any servers which you can't play or you've banned?
 Your steam profile link ==>
 Why we should accept you/What can you bring to the team?

DM YapiDoo#5331 on discord if you are interested!