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90S KIDS [90'S]

Mission Statement

 Welcome to '90s Kids

Destiny 2 

  • EU/NA based. 
  • 40/50 Daily Players. 
  • We're not limited to Destiny 2- we have rooms for ranting, Movies/TV shows, Pets and more! 
  • Regular Raids.
  • Request your own raids!
  • Active and Responsive Mods.

The clan is aimed to those brought up in the '90s, alive in the 90s or were just being born! But everyone is welcome!*

To join go over to our Discord and message one of the online admins, they will get back to you shortly. 




*We accept people of all ages, but we expect a level of maturity and respect. 


The boring bits...

  • You may be kicked from the in-game clan if you're AFK for 14 days or longer without notifying a Moderator, but don't worry! As soon as you're back you can instantly join back in.
  • We're ideally looking for players who are active and wish to take part in our community. As such, you may be removed from the in-game clan if 28-days goes by without you ever using the Discord voice rooms.
  • We have a Discord & a raid policy. We've kept them as short as possible so you don't get too bored reading them, but please, give them a read!

We play other games too! 

  • We run our own DayZ Server! 
  • Halo MCC
  • League of Legends 
  • and more!