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Mission Statement

8AM Esports is a small organization with a multiplatform playerbase!
8AM is both welcoming and competitive, we have a wide range of age, gender and personality! 
You will receive recognition from the management team, respect from the players, grinders and our community as a whole

We have multiple Esports teams for a multiple of games which include some of the following 
- Fortnite 
- Valorant 
- Apex 
- COD 
When it comes to the organization itself we are also looking for-
- Streamers
- Content Creators
- Editors
- Graphic Designers

8AM Esports is mostly looking for Fortnite and Apex players at this time some things to look forward to when joining the 8AM family as one of these players include the following-
We partake in both builds and zero build tournaments, we will also often host custom matchmaking in creative.
This helps us both prepare for tournaments and gives us a chance to better know our peers and teammates.
We will participate in the grind in ranked pub matchmaking, with on point communication, a proper game sense and a stress free environment. We will also play regular pubs and mixtape and possible other LTM modes to warm up and prepare us for the grind to the top ranks!

Some other things to look forward to in joining 8AM Esports:

Engagement on your social media by the official 8AM team pages and the members, as well as shout-outs, announcements, custom designs for merch!
We also have a graphic designer for free logos, banners, twitch emojis, badges and more.
Start your journey and grind to become the next member of the 8AM Family and we cant wait to see you on the team! :)

My discord- 8amessence



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