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5 Knights Gaming

Mission Statement

Welcome Friends,

                          to Kingdom Come. 

5 Knights Gaming Clan invites YOU to join them on journey of conquest, rivalries, and friendship in their quest to raise their banners from shore to shore in their beloved Battle Royale! Our time is NOW.

For too long, the ELITE have called the shots, corroding controllers and dreams on their sweat-washed path to FORTNITE glory. But for those who have been overlooked, underappreciated, and oppressed beneath the thumb-sticks and keyboards of the tyrannical toxic, the 5 Knights Gaming Clan is here to offer salvation. Under our banner, no longer will you be criticized, laughed at, or made to feel like less. If you're with us, YOU are US. And likewise, WE are YOU. There is only to be yourself, because that is what's true.


                                                         ABOUT 5 Knights Gaming Clan:

Our Code

  • Friendship and Respect before Glory

As in life, in Fortnite kindness and respect are key. People join a clan for many reasons, including being a part of something bigger than just themselves, and being accepted for who they are. 5 Knights believes in kindness and respect in a world of diversity. And as member, we all hold ourselves accountable for being supportive and accepting others and their interests for who and what they are. You can be competitive in both life and Fortnite without being toxic, and 5 Knights aims to prove just that.

Our Creed:

  • "Land Together. Win Together."

Our Goals:

  • Establish Ourselves in Competitive Play
  • Establish Both Competitive and Entertaining Streams
  • Establish the 5 Knights Brand
  • Casual Play
  • Make Friends



  • Must be 15 years of age or older
  • Work Well With Others (non-toxic)
  • Accept that you will be part of a family
  • Active Communication
  • Willing to Add "5k" to gamertag

What We Are Looking For:

  • Passion
  • Those Looking to be Part of a Clan Long Term
  • Gamers with the ability to both lead and follow
  • Gamers interested in streaming 5 Knights content
  • Competitiveness
  • Loyalty


If Interested: 

Please Comment Here.