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3rd Infantry Division

Mission Statement

We are the 3rd Infantry Division, a clan that is based on the U.S. armed forces, and we are currently recruiting for squad.
We are a milsim oriented clan striving to deliver an experience that provides tactical and realistic gameplay. We achieve this by delivering comprehensive training to our recruits and then additional training modules for specialized roles.

Special Roles include: Engineer, Combat medic, AT teams, Designated marksman, MG teams. We also feature branches for Armor crewmen, Rotary aviation personnel, Logistic teams with different roles for each.

We have currently one platoon made of 3 squads available plus the branches listed above.
All roles are available (for now). Those who join first will receive fast-tracked promotions, as long as they are active and learning fast. We also award ribbons and badges upon completion of certain objectives.

Application process
Join our Discord server and apply using our recruit application. Basic requirements include: you must be 17+ and have a headset with a microphone. Both EU and NA EST are welcome. Your application will be reviewed by our recruiters from the S1 branch and a quick interview will take place.

Our schedule is the following: Thursday and Saturday 8:30 pm GMT timezone. A third event may be planned at the discretion of a SL or ASL.
Events include training, missions (in public matches), clan vs clan (the latter is still being discussed) and operations (once we reach a substantial amount of members, these will be played on a private server).
Other events: joint training with allies, joint operations.

You will first go through BCT then you can hone your skills by joining one of our branches or specialized roles.
Training manuals are mostly derivative of manuals used in Arma 3 but revised to make them attuned to Squad's gameplay.