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Mission Statement

Hello! We are Team 1Take We are a Competitive fortnite team. We are Sponsored by Corsair and Rouge Energy. We offer great opportunities To new players such as Tournaments and sometimes events for money. We are not toxic and we welcome new players to the clan as Family. We are all waiting for you to join. To tryout or get scouted go on YT and make a video with ur best clips trickshots etc and in your title put #1TakeRC so we can find ur video if we think ur good enugh we will comment and ask for u to add the leaders discord! We hope u have a Fun time in are Community Remember.

It Should Only Take 1Take!


(NOTE) Must Be 13+ To Be Scouted To Are Team!

---Team 1Take----




17th Jun 2020 - 3:01pm

I am 11. I started playing 2 months ago but I am soon on my hundredth win can I join


3rd Jun 2020 - 1:53am

Hey i've been searching for a team for awhile and i came across this one, i joined your discord and your right you guys are like one big family this team sounds just right for me and i would be a strong member. i am very patient and try to solve problems and not shy away from the solution. I'm a very good teammate as i can take criticism and stay calm under pressure. im 16 and have a lot of potential with fortnite. thank you for taking your time to read this 


if you could please email me @[email protected]


1st Jun 2020 - 6:26am

hi i'm a very promising guy on fortnite game both from mobile and ps4 but i prefer ps4 can i join the team? I have 16 

Please contact me by email


30th May 2020 - 8:00am

Hello I am looking for a clan that would take an average player to help improve. I play on the switch and am currently 14 years of age. I have seen that this is a small clan but a promising one, I would like to improve my game and help bring this clan to new heights. Thank you