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18 Troop | D Squadron | Milsim Unit | UKSF

Mission Statement

About Us
We are 18 Troop, D Squadron who are a United Kingdom Special Forces Milsim unit in Arma 3.
From our structure, tactics, to the equipment we use, we strive to, as close as possible, represent UKSF within Arma.
We don't utilise ranks, neither do we acknowledge Leadership with yes sir/no sir.
We operate in small 4 man teams with a strong emphasis on teamwork & maturity. 

We strive to make our operation's as immersive and atmospheric as possible. 
Every operation we undertake depicts what happens next within our deployment, which could have a knock on affect.
We gather our own intel to build our own operational packages.
Ways we may gain intel could be from a snatch-and-grab of an HVT, to a raid, whereby we seize high tech equipment, or from conducting surveillance from behind enemy lines to name a few.
Our main focus is to generate an authentic yet enjoyable SF mission package for our members.

Unit Positions
Roles available at this current time are:

  • Patrol Leader
  • Operator 
  • Patrol Medic 

Our Operator roles are designed to be flexible for each mission at hand.
This means Operators are trained to use AT, LMG, DEMO or DMR.

Entry Requirements

  • Strictly 18 +
  • Have a legal copy of Arma 3
  • Have a working microphone
  • Can communicate in English
  • Are willing to be mature and dedicated to the unit
  • Are willing to commit to Saturday events 20:00 (UTC + 00:00 London)
  • Are willing to go through training
  • New or Veteran players welcome