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Looking for d2 clan (PS4)

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Hey thanks for checking out my profile! I'm currently looking for an active d2 clan for ps4. My brother and I are active and helpful.

A little about me:

D1 vet

Claymore/not forgotten/1000 voices 

12 flawless trials

Experienced raider

We're hoping to join a clan that doesn't have requirements and has room on the raid team. I'd like to find more people to clear new content and do guided games! Feel free to message my Psn FinalManStandin 



15th Oct 2018 - 2:56pm

Hey FinalManStandin!

I'm Shaz.. I'm the current founder of Top Tier Trash Guardians. We have 114 players right now and 112 players are active.. we always have an admin online.. we have a discord channel, destiny app community and facebook page so you reach out to play with any of us any time. We have 13 admins from different regions of the world and we are still growing! There is no requirements, you may check out our page:

Hit me up: Shahz774 on psn! :)


13th Oct 2018 - 2:53pm

I am an admin of a Destiny 2 clan called Eternal Br0therhood. We are currently Recruiting if interested send me a message on psn steve_3313. Our clan is newly formed our players are young and old but all are respectfull and very helpfull. We are committed to building our clan from the bottom up which means helping everyone with anything they need.