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Looking for a good clan to get back into destiny

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30 year old guy here in the central time zone. I've been gaming forever and have played destiny since day one. I'm Trying to get back into destiny and looking for a good clan to get together with. I'm mainly looking for a group of people to do raids, strikes, and the nightfall with as well as some occasional pvp. I originally mained a titan warlock. I've completed every raid except wrath of the machine and would love to get it done before destiny 2 launches.


Hey man,

Sounds like a lot of other guys I've talked to. Go check out the 'Husbands of Omnigul'. We're a group of mature players looking to get the most out of Destiny 2 when it drops. Read our statements, reach out, ect. You can always reach out on the discord app for now.

Best of luck,

Hello PistolPete, 

We have a few that hop onto Destiny now that we're getting hyped for the next game.  Our clan is Waking The Fallen [0WTF].  We've been around since day 1, had a period of inactivity, and are now back to recruiting.  We will be participating in all aspects of Destiny 2’s PvE and PvP modes and are looking for respectful gamers that want to have fun.  You can check us out at or on our xbox live club.  Cheers!

Check out my clan!! We are Bad Parents of Destiny.  You can find us on Facebook or here: 


We would love to have you!