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Six Beers Deep

Mission Statement

Six Beers Deep

Xbox One

Southeastern USA (EST)

We are all adults with professional jobs and play after 4pm on weekdays and most of the day on weekends.

We were at 100+ members when D2 launched but have dropped to about 80 due to a lack of interest between vanilla and forsaken. We use discord for all clan chat and scheduling.

We were purely casual with no requirements last year but are looking for more dedicated players this time around.

We have a handful of 1.6-2.1 K/D players looking to fill out a full roster.

We have several tight-knit raid groups looking for an extra 1 or 2 players to consistently raid with.

Please meet 2 of the following requirements: Age 21+ (Late 20s is ideal), Overall Crucible K/D 1.5+, 20 D2 raid clears or 3 Last Wish clears.

Leave a message below or PM me.

Clan leader GTs: JackedUp Jonesy, ShadesAfterDark