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Rivia Gaming Community

Mission Statement

Rivia Gaming is a multi-game PC community focused on the fun of playing new and old games alike with friends. Whether you are working three jobs and just have an hour here or there to blow off some steam or you are a gamer plowing hundreds of hours into your favorite games, we have a place for you. Rivia requires no tryouts or initiation period. Adhere to the basic rules and you’ll fit in just fine. Toxic and immature players are discouraged and removed. We are a NA based community, but we welcome members from all regions and have a growing number of players from the EU, UK, etc.

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Connect With Us

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Games We Play

Rivia Gaming Community is actively managed and evolves with the members. We're not a community focused on just one or two games. The games listed to the right are just a few of the most popular games currently being played around the community, but members are playing many more. We want members to play the games they love, and help them connect with members enjoying the same games.

Member Giveaways

Current: Flash game key giveaways (currently ongoing)

Three $20 Steam gift cards (winners announced 9/1/18)
Cards Against Humanity Game Night - $10 Steam gift card (winner announced 08/17/18)
Show us your gaming rig contest - $10 Steam gift card (winner announced 08/10/18)
HumbleBundle 3 month subscription (winner announced 08/01/18)
Conan Exiles game key (winner announced 07/15/18)
Portal Knights game key (winner announced 07/08/18)
$20 Steam gift card (winner announced 07/01/18)
Blackwake game key (winner announced 06/26/18)

How To Join

Players interested in joining should hop on Discord and type !join-us.
Additional information is available at


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13th Oct 2018 - 4:57am

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